Chiropractic can treat several conditions. Including but not limited to stiff or achy joints, headaches, numbness or tingling down and arm or leg, whiplash, disc injuries ie: disc bulges or herniations with our spinal decompression table. With our x-ray equipment we are able to evaluate for fractures, dislocations, or more serious issues that can be detected. Chiropractic can treat several conditions. Chiropractic manipulative therapy can be also effective in treating chronic sinusitis. Poor posture can create a curvature of the spine, therefore pinching key nerves and causing issues such as back pain, fatigue in back or legs. Poor posture can be caused by a variety of things such as obesity, discitis, a slipped vertebrae, osteoporosis or kyphosis causing a hump or curve to the upper back and leaning to one side.