Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic care?

The word Chiropractic means done by hand. That is true for how my chiropractic adjustment is performed. I most commonly perform adjustments with using my hands to move through the joints of the spine, although I can use instrument adjustment with an activator upon request or desire of the patient. One of the goals of chiropractic is to increase range of motion in the joints of the spine or extremities while also reducing pain and irritation at the same time. Chiropractic also reduces compression on the nervous system which allows your bodies ability to heal itself and resume normal function.

How often should I recieve an adjustment?

For most patients, monthly wellness adjustments are recommended. For patients in active pain, more adjustments are required until the pain subsides. Each patient will recieve an individualized treatment plan to meet their specific needs.

Can I recieve chiropractic care while pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can benefit greatly from regular chiropractic adjustments. A pregnacy pillow, light force adjusting and an activator are used throughout a pregnacy.

What ages can recieve chiropractic care?

We treat patients from newborns to ages 99+.

What causes the popping sound during an adjustment?

The popping sound is gas moving through the joint as it gets adjusted and does not hurt. The sound is beneficial becauase it will improve joint mobility and lubrication within the joint. However, a popping noise does not need to occur for the adjustment to have occured.

What symptoms can a chiropractor treat?

Chiropractic can treat several conditions. Including but not limited to stiff or achy joints, numbness or tingling down and arm or leg, whiplash, disc injuries ie: disc bulges or herniations with our spinal decompression table. With our x-ray equipment we are able to evaluate for fractures, dislocations, or more serious issues that can be detected.

Are their any side effects from an adjustment?

The majority of adjustments are sympotom free. However, it is possible to experience minor discomfort or sorness after an adjustment.

How much does a treatment coast?

We accept most major insurence plans. For specifics about copays, treatment and suppliement coast, or cash patient information please contact the office.

What other treatments are offered besides adjustments?

Inaddition to adjustments, spinal decompression, theraputic ultrasound, x-rays and nutritional supplement advice are offerend.

What technique do you use?

Diversified technique or tradtional chiropractic technique- This technique involves moving the joints of the spine or extremities manually with my hands. I use quick movements with some pressure that can produce a small pop sound when gas moves through the joints.
Activator adjustments – A small handheld tool is used to move the joints to increase range of motion. No popping is felt or heard and you will stay facedown on the table during treatment.
Spinal Decompression – This thechnique is primarly used to treat a disc bulge or hearination. This technique will make a negative pressure in the disc to rehydrate the disc and take mechanical pressure off of the nerve as it exits the spine. Our version of spinal decompression is applied while I am working with you to stretch the low back or neck area. It feels like a nice deep stretch.

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